Prissy Tomboy strives to create a space where girls
feel empowered, recognized, and supported through sports.


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Prissy Tomboy Clinics

Prissy Tomboy helps girls find their passion for sport and adventure.  Prissy Tomboy partners with athletic professionals to introduce a new sport in a non-competitive, non-intimidating environment.  Girls can have fun and build camaraderie.  See our events to find the latest clinic.

You Got This Girl.

Prissy Tomboy applies a percentage of the proceeds to fund our various initiatives:

  • Ambassador program
  • Fundraising for girl athletic programs
  • Girl only clinics to experience a wide variety of sports and adventures.

Ambassador Program

The Prissy Tomboy Ambassador mentoring program educates young athletes on the importance of staying in sports to fulfill their potential and strengths.  We share stories of female athletes to inspire and give recognition to their accomplishments.

Contact to become a mentor or to share your inspirational story.