Finding a Healthy Passion That Will Guide You Through Womanhood



As the founder of Prissy Tomboy Athletics, I am here to help guide you through your preteen to teen years while encouraging you to live a healthy, fun, and adventurous life. These are some of the most defining and character building years for a girl, and I am here to openly speak the truth about what goes on in the journey to becoming a woman.  

I won’t bore you with statistics or gloss over the struggles that teenage years present. I want to discuss the hard, uncomfortable topics that will help you redirect your energy towards building a fulfilling and healthy life. 

Most of you are still just trying to figure out who you are—and that’s a huge task. Some women can spend their entire life searching for their identity. It’s so easy to let yourself become clouded with issues like bullying, peer pressure, relationships, self-confidence, financial concerns, and family issues. I have been through all of the above, and I’ve certainly made my fair share of mistakes. But through my own journey, I have found that the key ingredient to my happiness is to pursue my passion for adventure and athleticism. I didn’t want to just sit in the passenger seat of my own life and watch the world pass me by—and you shouldn’t either. 

Let me share my passion for adventure with you and the endless opportunities that living life to the fullest can bring. My spirit is and always has been a spirit of an athlete—and that doesn't just mean being able to hit a home run or score a goal. It’s having that sense of drive and willingness to take risks, push through, and most importantly—knowing when to let go and just have fun.

Life is about seeing and experiencing what the world has to offer—from the top of a mountain to the depths of the ocean. I started this initiative because I think teen girls aren’t getting enough support and not being recognized for their accomplishments.

Prissy Tomboy want to be your source of support through those sometimes hectic and crazy teenage years by helping you find a healthy passion that will guide you.

So in those times of happiness and in those occasional moments of despair, we are here to push you through anything life may throw at you.


-Tracey Pearson 

CEO & Founder of Prissy Tomboy Athletics











August 08, 2017 by Tracey Pearson