Prissy Tomboy was created by two sporty women. It all started with two little girls adventuring the world with a curiosity of how the game is played from sports to becoming successful women. Never afraid to get out and try something new. From playing football to racing cars, riding skateboards to surfing, jumping off piers and planes all gave life lessons in team work, perseverance, and straight up badassery!

While experiencing the ebbs and flows of life, belief in community and teamwork gave them the support to forge their own path. Giving back and bringing people together through their various philanthropic and professional careers gave purpose and drive to continue to do more. Together we can break glass ceilings and have some serious fun in the process. We can teach each other through sport and lessons learned from the best and how to apply them in life.

Our Mission

To be the go-to playbook that elevates and expands the potential in women and teen girls both in business and life.

Our Vision

We empower women and teen girls to live adventurously and lead healthy, confident lives by connecting our community with resources, activities, and leaders that support their goals – whether that means jumpstarting a healthier lifestyle or competing at the highest levels. Our long-term hope is that our community will share lessons learned along your path becoming prissy tomboy mentors who help other women and teen girls discover their passion and change their lives.

Key Milestones
 Founded 2014
 Reached over 50,000 girls ages 8-17
 Hosted 100+ adventures
 Over 1000 brand Ambassadors
 Partner community includes: Non-profits, Sports Organizations, Clubs, Schools, and International Sports Brands